Off to the White Continent...

From--Home Base (for a few more minutes): Kim writes: Well, folks, this is it. Kenn and I are on our way out the door, onto a plane, and off on the adventure of a lifetime--ANTARCTICA! I got two words for ya ~
BABY PENGUINS! woooo--hoooo!!!!

We'll make every attempt to stay in touch during the trip, but just in case we can't, my techno-savvy husband has some surprises lined up for readers of this blog that you will not want to miss--so keep checking in!

Here's a link to our trip itinerary, so you can at least "follow along" if you'd like.

And here's a link the the trip writeup from the Victor Emanuel Nature Tours website to give you an idea of what this trip will be like:

We wish you all the happiest, healthiest, birdiest New Year, and look forward to sharing it with you!

I am soooo excited! I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Wish us luck---and a buoyant boat!



  1. Happy New Year, K&K! Hope you have a wonderfully exciting, and SAFE, trip!


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