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Those darn "kids"

From home base in Oak Harbor, Kim Writes: After receiving a flood of eMails asking where in the heck we had disappeared to, I thought I should give an update. Kenn and I have been busy taking care of our kids. Now, those of you who have kids know that they require a ridiculous amount of time and attention. Having one kid is like a full-time job and Kenn and I have three, an infant, an adolescent on the verge of adulthood, and one that's all grown up and facing some major changes! CAUTION: I'm about to subject you to that thing that all proud parents do and show you pictures of our kids. Here's the baby... I know all parents say these things about their kids, but, isn't she just the most beautiful thing? We love her, but OMG...this child requires more work than we could have ever imagined! In spite of the fact that we've raised other kids, this one is a handful! Fortunately for us, she's also a very good baby in many ways and everyone loves her

Birders Gone Wild

"Birders Gone Wild" ...I knew that would get your attention! ; ) From home base in Oak Harbor, Ohio, Kim writes: After months of plan ning; after hundreds of hours of careful thought and consideration; after consulting with their wildlife diversity partners and carefully listening to our input; the Ohio Division of Wildlife (ODOW) proudly unveils the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp! I'll let the ODOW give you the nuts and bolts of the stamp and all the great things the funds it generates will do. It's all on their website HERE . ODOW has done a remarkable job with this thing and the information on the website is incredibly thorough without being boring. Someone obviously put a great deal of time and thought into every detail of the stamp, from the design of the printed materials to the fabulous information on the website. Someone clearly cares about this stamp being a success and making a difference. ---That someone is Laura Jones. With the support of many great people