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An Incentive Plan

From the Warbler Capital of the World, Kimberly Writes: Really good motivational speakers make a ton of money by finding ways to inspire people to live better and do more. At Black Swamp Bird Observatory where I'm the executive director, I am always trying to find ways to support and encourage the BSBO team, made up of the finest people on the planet. This group of people just "doing what they do" is enough to inspire me to give all that I can possibly give to birds and bird conservation. I'm also blessed with a husband who not only understands and supports my passion, but shares it---and then some! But, at BSBO, a nonprofit with limited resources, I often find myself searching for ways to inpsire the staff. No one there makes much money and thankfully, none of them have aspirations of getting rich at this whole bird thing. Everyone at BSBO works super hard, and they overlook the challenges of a cramped workspace, a lot of "antique" office equipment (which