South Africa Trip, Day 14: Olifants Camp, KNP

Kimberly Writes: During this trip, we've been blessed to spend time with some of the most spectacular mammals on the planet. But birds will always be at the heart of my interest in nature. They sparkle and shine, they flit and they soar, and they sing and dance in ways that I find endlessly captivating. Birds are a doorway to the natural world that introduces people to the diversity that exists - if you simply go out and look for it.

So today's post highlights just a few of the wonderful birds we were fortunate enough to see and photograph! 

We've seen Crested Barbet in every camp in Kruger National Park. 
And that's just fine by me, because they're just so totally cool!

Our fourth roller species of the trip, the European Roller! 

(We've also had Lilac-breasted, Purple, and Broad-billed.)

This dapper Mocking Cliff Chat was a life bird for me AND for Kenn 
(something that doesn't happen all that often!).

And, another view of the retina-burning Violet-backed Starling! 
I just can't get enough of this bird!

Red-billed Hornbill

Green-winged Pytilia

Jacobin Cuckoo 


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