Kenn's Totally Caffeinated Adventure

From Home base, Kim Writes: I thought I'd give an update on Kenn's progress with the Birds & Beans project this weekend. Kenn is one of the "Voices for the Birds" on the project. I love the sound of that! The dude has done some pretty amazing things, but, I have to say that I am particularly proud of his involvement with this project. He's just insanely busy right now, but committed to invest his time for this cause anyway. Thanks to all of those who showed their support by commenting on the blog, and eMailed me privately to help me cheer him on!

It's been great hearing from people around the country who are already "up" on shade-grown coffee. Although, as my good friend Dave pointed out, some people might need to consider the sanity of others before consuming too much! I hear ya Dave! The staff at the bird observatory will not allow me to drink much coffee. Picture a kinglet with a caffeine buzz. T-R-O-U-B-L-E! But, when I do, I always drink the coffee that's got it made in the shade!

So, anyway, about that update:
I spoke to Kenn early this morning and, though it's been a long weekend, he's still rarin' to go. He was in route to the final talk in the lecture series, and sounding filled with energy and enthusiasm! He's fired-up about this cause, but his energy level might also have something to do with the fact that he's been riding around all weekend in a car that's filled with the aroma from the trunk, which is "filled to the brim" with bags and bags of coffee. Can you get a coffee contact buzz? I guess Kenn's finding out!

If we drank de-caf, I'd call Kenn's lecture series the "De-Caf-alon." Wouldn't that be a great title? But hey, with the kind of pace we keep in "Kaufman Land" we are all about the caffeine, baby! Kenn's totally caffeinated adventure began with a talk in the Boston area. It's so cool that "Picus", one of our blog followers, was actually THERE and gave me an on-the-scene report! THANKS PICUS!! The second talk was at the Mass Audubon's annual birders' conference. And, the final talk takes place today at the Mass Audubon headquarters at Drumlin Farm. It sounds like things are going great, and lots of people are coming out to learn about the concept of shade-grown coffee. Go Kenn!!!!

I know that Kenn is planning a post filled with details about Birds & Beans, and I don't want to preempt that. But, I thought I'd least give you the link to the website so you could learn a bit more about what this is all about.. AND ORDER YOURSELF SOME COFFEE!!! : )


  1. I had the good fortune of hearing Ken speak at yesterday's 3/8Massachusetts Birder Meeting, in Worcester, Ma. Excellent presentation and nice job of "tying" the the cause and effect these vast coffee plantations on "our" migrants.

  2. De-caf! Why didn't I think of that?
    See ya soon,

  3. Hi Guys,
    Hope Kenn made it home safe and sound to Kim. It was my pleasure to send updates - I tried a take a photo and send it along to you Kim, but just not technically savvy enough yet for something that advanced I guess.
    It was great chatting with Kenn and hearing him speak - I know that it was a success in that there are a lot of bird-friendly coffee-converts!

  4. Hey Kimmer, You should have seen the $$ signs in Hugh's eyes when I told him Stacey and I are addicted to the Black Swamp Blend sold at BSBO! Good Birding!

  5. I just ordered a bag of "Scarlet Tanager"!


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