Shake your shade-grown pom-poms!

From home base , Kim writes: Kenn will be in the Boston area this weekend giving a series of presentations on the importance of shade-grown coffee to migratory birds. I won't go into detail about the project in this post; I'll let Kenn fill us in when he returns. Instead, I'm writing to ask all of you to join my "Cheer Kenn On" Committee! Help me show support for this important issue--and for Kenn this weekend!

Here's how you can help: I challenge each of you to do a bit of research on this subject this weekend. And, if you're already a shade-grown coffee expert, why not make a point to share the concept with someone new this weekend. Better yet--share the idea with your favorite restaurant or coffee house!

I'll keep you posted on Kenn's progress throughout the weekend. Kenn and I don't ever like to be apart, but I'm cheering from the sidelines this time because the band has a big gig this weekend. Those of you who know us, or follow our blog, know that Kenn is the bass guitar player in our band, and you're probably wondering how this will work. I'm wondering myself! We have a stand-in for Kenn, and it's going to be REALLY hard to rock without him.

Kenn was not at all happy about missing the gig, but he really believes in the shade-grown coffee issue. And hey, through this process we've been able to introduce some of the people here in Northwest Ohio about the issue simply by explaining why our "noted bird expert and bass guitar player" (a recent quote from a local newspaper!) isn't going to be here tonight.

Thanks for helping me cheer Kenn on and for doing YOUR part to help spread the word about shade-grown coffee!



  1. Hi Kimmay!
    Caffeine and me...very scary! I belong to Western Cuyahoga Audubon and we have shade grown availble to drink and to purchase at all of our meetings. It seems to help in getting the word out.
    Thanks guys!

  2. Hey Kim,
    I'm here at the first event and Ken is doing his thing, Signing books, etc. Great turnout!

  3. A little "birdie" told me BSBO has shade grown coffee in their gift shop! Thanks for making it so readily available, now we birders all need to do our part- to make buying shade grown a priority.

    Thanks! Weedpicker Cheryl

  4. Whoops! Tried to post another comment after presentation was over but wasn't successful. Presentation was excellent - Kenn's great sense of humor slayed them. I'm betting that there were more than a few bird-friendly coffee converts in the room tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow's presentation too!

  5. Hi Kim, In November my art guild assigned me the job of having coffee at one of our weekend art shows. At first I panicked. Then I thought what an opportunity! I went to the local Starbucks and inquired about shade-grown coffee. They had it. Even better they would make it for me. It was perfect party pack with shade-grown coffee. All I had to do was make a sign that said Georgia Coastal Artists were going green for the birds. It was such a hit we are doing it again for our May weekend show. Keep up the great work!

  6. HI, Have been reading Kingbird Highway today for about the 3rd time. GREAT book, thank you very much. I was in Big Bend as a ranger in the early 70s.. can anyone chirp "Colima Warbler"? good luck with all yr new ventures. kip eggert in rhinebeck NY

  7. Dave, Picus, Cheryl, Christopher, Lydia, and Kip,

    Thanks for all the great comments and kind words about shade-grown coffee, Kingbird Highway, and Kenn!!

    WOW, Picus! Thank you so much for the "on the scene" report. I can't tell you how much that lifted my spirits. I'm so completely bummed that I couldn't be there with Kenn and your report made me feel so much better!

    Thanks again everyone!


  8. I definetely got you back! I personally would drink nothing other than shade-grown coffee! I have also made it a personal mission to spread the word and will continue to do so! Thanks SO much for supporting such a worthy cause!

  9. Our store, Wild Birds Unlimited - Saratoga Springs NY, introduced Birds&Beans coffee last week! Kenn will be in Saratoga at the end of the month and I look forward to hearing and meeting him then.
    I've been doing my research into shade-grown coffee, training staff, and sharing the story with our customers. It is an important story to get out.
    Check out our website at

  10. All, check out Coffee and Conservation for additional info about sustainable coffee.


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