Peru Trip with Wildside Nature Tours, Day 1: Lima, Peru

From Lima, Peru, Kimberly Writes: A relaxing day on our own birding around the hotel and a nearby beach was the perfect way to begin this Wildside Nature Tours Peruvian Birding Adventure! Tomorrow, we board the boat and I'm told that internet access is essentially nil. So, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite birds from today and I promise to share lots of photos with you when we return! 

We went toward the coast today with high hopes of seeing Inca Terns. 
And see them we did! Aren't they stunning birds! All terns are beautiful, but with those arching tufts of white against the sooty gray cheek, and the red bill with lemon yellow lining the corners, the Inca Terns are exceptionally lovely.

 A close up look at the modified feathers that form the 
elegant tufts on the birds cheeks.

I love the look the arching white tufts give to the birds 
when you look at them head-on!

Blackish Oystercatcher searching the rocky coastline for a tasty morsel! 
Check out those white go-go boots with black toenails! Blackish Oystercatchers are related to Black Oystercatchers but are considered a separate species.


Peruvian Pelicans are close relatives of Brown Pelicans, but they're larger, 
with a strong demarcation between the dark back and white belly.

We found Peruvian Sheartails visiting lantana flowers in a flowerbed
 not a block from our hotel -- in the middle of the bustling city of Lima!

A look at the Peruvian Sheartail in action 
as it visits the lantana flowers.

Amazilia Hummingbirds were also
 taking advantage of this urban bounty!

Look closely, you can see its tongue probing the flower!

Red-masked Parakeet is native to Peru, but not to the Lima area 
where they've established a feral population here in the city.

We have to get up and be packed and ready to go by 3:00 AM, so I don't have time to provide much detail on each bird featured in the album from today.

More just as soon as I can, but for now, I hope you enjoy a few of the birds from today!


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