Trinidad and Tobago Adventures

Kenn and I are leading an 11-day trip to Trinidad and Tobago this July and there are still a few seats available. Click HERE for the trip itinerary.  The deadline for deposits has been extended to March 7th.

Here are some pretty compelling reasons to consider coming with us!  
Scarlet Ibis at Caroni Swamp


Common Potoos (this is a baby Potoo!) right behind the Asa Wright Nature Center!

Leatherback Sea Turtles

Here are links to blog posts about our last trip to T&T.

Eyeburners of Caroni Swamp
Touching the Graceful Monsters
Green Season in Trinidad & Tobago


  1. Oh. Shut. Up. Sounds like an amazing trip. Some of us will just have to vicariously enjoy it. Can you bring some sweet breezes back with you somehow?


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