Wanted: Dead But With Life

Kimberly Writes: In my last post I encouraged everyone to leave dead trees standing whenever it's safe to do so. Dead trees provide important habitat and add visual interest to an area - when you look at them through the right lens!  =) But what to do if you don't have any dead trees in your yard? 


When a big dead limb broke off our maple tree, Kenn helped me bring it back to life! And we didn't have to wait long for a sense of satisfaction: a Downy Woodpecker came to check it out right after we put it up! (Not a bad way to mask a satellite dish either, eh?!) 

Our dead tree given a second chance at life!
See the Downy checking out the hole at the top?!
It didn't take long for a Downy Woodpecker
to drop by for an inspection!
Helloooo in there..there...there.... 


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