South Africa Trip, Day 17: Anniversay on the Cape of Good Hope

Kimberly Writes: Today is our anniversary, and it was the kind of day that dreams are made of. We had perfect weather, perfect scenery, and perfect birds. And I had the perfect company! 

It's been just the two of us this entire trip, which has made this trip very special for me. But today, we spent some time hanging out with a few other couples who were also celebrating love and romance!

This handsome pair of African Black Oystercatchers was resting on the edge of the ocean. We thought they made a beautiful couple.

This Glossy Ibis couple was looking particularly fetching as they stood close to one another in the morning sunlight -- on the edge of the sewage ponds!

A Greater Flamingo couple that we hung out with this morning!

Water Thick-knees (sometimes called Water Dikkop), are such cool birds! Aptly named for the fact that they have thicker knee joints than most birds their size, they're usually most active at night, so we felt certain that this couple came out today just to help us celebrate love on our special day!

An African Penguin couple celebrating love and romance!

We drove down the coast today to visit the Cape of Good Hope, which is just as lovely as it sounds! The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, and, as if the crashing waves, cloud-draped mountains, rocky outcrops, and wind-swept fields weren't enough, there were Cape Sugarbirds! (I'm not making that name up!)
Sugarbirds feed on nectar, and the marvelous male has a glorious streamer for a tail!
A closer, cripser image of the Cape Sugarbird
(You just can't see all of its fabulous tail.)
A close-up view of the protea flower that the sugarbirds were going for.

On our way down the coast, we stopped to visit the African Penguin colony on Boulders Beach near Simon's Town. (What a thrill to see flamingos and penguins in the same day!) 

One small portion of the African Penguin colony against the gorgeous ocean backdrop! 

The African Penguin is the only penguin species that breeds in Africa. The colony on Boulders Beach was established in the 1980s, and it's become quite a popular tourist attraction.

My sweetheart sketching the penguins

Thanks so much to all of our friends for sharing such sweet and kind anniversary wishes! It was a beautiful day, and we're feeling very blessed to have each other, and to have so many wonderful friends! ♥


  1. Happy belated anniversary to my favorite bird couple!

    1. Thank you so much, Dave! It was wonderful to spend a little time with you and Laurie at Shreve!


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