Jamming with the birds

From Oak Harbor, Ohio, Kenn writes: No, this isn't another post about a gig with our band. This is just to update a couple of points from yesterday's post about our "Puzzled By Birds" quiz.

In introducing the quiz, we mentioned a similar (but faster!) bird quiz available for iPods and iPhones, but we made a couple of errors. For one, we got the capitalization of the company wrong: it's birdJam, not BirdJam (small b, capital j). Capitalization is important -- just ask the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, who would be vexed constantly by the many incorrect printings of his name, if only he could read! Secondly, we mentioned that we thought that our friends at that company had gotten the idea for their new "birdJam Twitch" game from our quiz back in January, but they didn't; they had come up with the idea independently. Great minds running on the same tracks (or flying in the same flocks), you know.

We don't have any connection with birdJam; we just know that they're good people and that they make some nifty applications for iPods and iPhones. If you've got one of those devices, or are thinking about getting one, you should check out birdJam's cool apps here.

By the way, a few brave souls already sent guesses for "Puzzled By Birds 2," on the basis of the marginal clues available yesterday! But so far no one has named the bird correctly, so the truth is still, as they say, out there.


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