Birders Rock, version 09.2

From Port Clinton, Ohio, Kenn writes: When we came back from the Antarctic, with a million things to do after a month away, I wasn't that thrilled about the fact that our band had a performance scheduled just over a week later. But as it turned out, our gig last night was a total blast. The band has a new sound system and it inspired us to play our hard-rocking best. Our month without practice seemingly was erased by three intense sessions in the last week, and in fact we were able to add several new songs to the set list. Kim was amazing as always, and no one who heard her soaring vocals would have guessed that she was fighting off the remains of a cold.

Once again, Mango Mama's in Port Clinton was packed for the event. This town provides great support: the mayor was there again, and three county commissioners, and a couple of hundred other people who know how to have a friendly good time.

I was pleased to see that once again, in addition to having a couple of serious birders in the band, there were several out in the crowd -- including long-time friends of ours like Delores, Laura, Hugh, and Judy, and others whom we've just met for the first time, like Linda, Jim, Dave, and Sal. Thanks, fellow birders, for supporting the music. And here's a salute to our friends Julie and Bill, who, with The Swinging Orangutangs, will be rocking the walls off of the Whipple Tavern down in southeastern Ohio on February 13th.

I repeat: Birders Rock!


  1. This Ohio husband-and-wife, birder-and-blogger, writer-and-rocker thing is either the coming fad or a co-dependency virus. Either way, you're ahead of the curve.

  2. Hey Rockers:

    Thanks for the shout-out to the Orangutangs! We must have a rock show for Ohio birders! Getting the O-tang Clan and 678OH on the same bill would be ossum, no?

    One of these days I am going to catch a K&K show at Mango Mama's.

  3. Hey, what a great idea - a battle of the Birding Bands of Ohio! Would love to hear both groups rock out some time. During the annual OOS meeting in May?


  4. I think it has to be its own thang, KatDoc. That much energy cannot be contained within a mere bird meeting.
    Thanks for the nod, husband and wife, birder and blogger, writer and wrocker people! And good luck with the rehearsals.

  5. Thanks for the fun comments about the band. I love the idea of a bunch of birders getting together to make some noise. But, I do agree with Julie that it needs to be its own thing. Maybe we can plan an "Avian-Aid" concert in Ohio for 2010!


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