Degrees of Separation

Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia Island, Antarctic Region

Oak Harbor, Ohio, United States of America

From the snow belt, Kenn writes: During our whole trip to Antarctica, the coldest air temperature we experienced was about 29 degrees Fahrenheit, or just below freezing. When our flight from Buenos Aires landed at Dallas-Fort Worth, it was 16 degrees out, and our connection was delayed by three hours because of complications in de-icing the plane. And when we finally made it back to the Detroit airport, our dear friends Vic and Lois were there to meet us, but they had braved icy winds and snow-covered roads to be there. Were we cold in the Antarctic? No! But coming home was something of a shock!

Our first morning back at home, we had to shovel a path to the bird feeders, but soon we were rewarded by returning guests: our first Northern Cardinals of the year, our first Blue Jays of the year. After weeks of novelty among the penguins and petrels and other southern seabirds, it was reassuring to reconnect with these familiar backyard denizens.

We are pulling together all our notes and our (thousands of) photographs, and we hope to start posting information about our Antarctic trip in a more organized way very soon!


  1. Can't wait to see some of those photos! Welcome home!

  2. Welcome home! Sorry it was such a chilling return but love the welcome you received from your backyard.

  3. Kenn and Kim,
    I had the same reaction coming back to Montana from the Peninsula this year. It was 50 degrees colder here than it was in Antarctica. Throw Buenos Aires and Ushuaia in the mix with humidity and flowers and the shock of the northern Great Plains in the dead of winter was even greater. Looking forward to more of you stories.

  4. No kidding! Last Thurs, the daytime high temp here in Wisconsin hit 6 degrees BELOW zero.
    The daytime high temp on the same day at the North Pole? 8 degrees ABOVE zero. It was colder in Wisconsin than at the North Pole!!

    Also, ironically, the high temp in Fairbanks, Alaska that same day, was 52 degrees...... ABOVE zero!!!
    Coincidentally, the daytime high temp in Fairbanks 4 days earlier was -54 degrees.

    Now why can't Alaska send some of that warm air this way? They sent us all that cold they had 4 days earlier........ lol : D

    I look forward to seeing your photos and final trip report.

    Happy Birding! --Chris W, Madison, WI

  5. Colder in Ohio than Antarctica? Say it ain't so! You should have been birding with the OOS at The Wilds: -12 degrees BEFORE you factor in the wind chill!

    Glad you are back safe and sound and can't wait for the photos. But, fill the feeders first. :)


  6. Welcome back to the ice and snow!
    Laurie and I spent 4 days in Florida, what a shock coming back to this.
    I'm excited to see the Penguin pics!


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