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A message from Kimberly: I have watched in awe as Kenn and many others navigated some turbulent seas to get the ABA on track. Kenn and I have had some "lively" discussions about the issue, ; ) and while I was not directly involved in the process of searching for the new Executive Director (I'm officially casting my vote for axing the term "President"), I have been actively engaged in studying the whole process and have learned a great deal from it. Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support for the ABA---and for Kenn. If the dude wasn't so determined to write field guides that help people discover and enjoy nature (and so wonderful at it, I might add!), I'd encourage him to take the job himself. But, whomever the next ED is, I'm sure they can count on Kenn as a resource and I certainly hope that they will do just that.

So, consider this my "shout out" to Kenn and all those who are working hard to get the ABA back on its feet. I'd especially like to thank the staff at ABA for hanging on in spite of the rough seas that have threatened to drown out all the solid things they're continuing to accomplish.

And here's a little something to remind us all of why the effectiveness/success of every bird and conservation organization is worth working hard for.

Lincoln Sparrow

hope for the future of birds and birding

Magnolia Warbler

Loggerhead Shrike

Bay-breasted Warbler

Pied-billed Grebe


  1. Bravo Kenn!
    Can I still be your friend?

  2. Hi Dave ... I hope so! As long as Bobb the Chipmunk doesn't object!

    Honest, I didn't know that Kimmer was writing this. I definitely wouldn't consider taking the ABA President job myself -- I don't think I have the necessary skills, and I'm determined to keep working on book projects. And a lot of good people have been working behind the scenes to set things right at ABA again, so I'm just one person out of many involved in the effort.

    I should point out that Eddie Callaway over at the BirdFreak blog suggested that ABA should hire Kimberly herself as the new Prez.
    She's thoroughly occupied with Black Swamp Bird Observatory, but still, we appreciate the fact that Eddie recognizes her talents.

  3. Well said and your pictures are amazing! You guys are awesome! Pete

  4. Thank you Kenn! I am only a few years into the ABA but and a strong supporter (to the extent that I can) and am personally very, very appreciative of your and everyone else's work on keeping the ABA going! Many thanks!

  5. Well said by Kim. Lets all hope for a bright future for the ABA and especially for the birds.

  6. Your photography is outstanding.

    These are all birds that I wish I could see here where we live. Especially my name's sake, the Lincoln sparrow.

  7. Something to think about when looking at the President/CEO vs. Executive Director issue:

    The next head of ABA is going to have to be a strong leader--for ABA and the birding community--and will need the strongest title possible to be taken seriously. Perhaps the problem isn't that we call the head of ABA a President/CEO, but that we haven't had anyone in that position recently that has lived up to that title!

  8. Ooohh I love birds. This is a cool site with beautiful birds photos. I am a postcards collector and postcards of birds are one of the themes that I collect.


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