A few birds from Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Kenn writes: We were walking for hours and for miles in the huge Costanera Sur reserve right in the city today, developing a good January sunburn in the process. Buenos Aires is a city of around ten million people, and it's amazing to have this superb nature reserve within walking distance of the downtown hotels. A recurrent drought has dried up the ponds that usually have hordes of waterbirds, but we did see a great variety of landbirds. It's after midnight here in Argentina and we're too wasted to write anything, but here are a few pictures, anyway.

Looking at a small part of the skyline of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from across the Costanera Sur Nature Reserve

Picazuro Pigeon -- this native pigeon is abundant in the reserve

Bay-winged Cowbird -- the most attractive of the three local species of cowbirds (this one is not a brood parasite, but its nests are parasitized by another species, the Screaming Cowbird)

Green-barred Woodpecker, lurking in deep shade -- as you might guess by looking, this bird is related to the flickers in North America

This young White-rumped Swallow was waiting to be fed by its parents. Early January is mid-summer here, and we saw recently fledged young birds of several species.


  1. Its amazing how when you travel to another country (or city) how we birders get so excited at the birds that are just "common" to the locals. Last June when I was in Costa Rica I remember being so excited over the Clay-colored Robin but since they are as common as the American Robin here there was little to no excitement from the residents over them.

  2. I dunno why, but the name Screaming Cowbird made me hoot! I am loving these strange, strange birds. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Congratulations, Kenn and Kimberly. I loved the photos. Here three cheers for W. H. Hudson, patron saint of La-Plata birding!


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