The Beauty in Letting Go

From Homebase in Oak Harbor, OH, Kimberly Writes: 
After two weeks of neglect, our lawn, as viewed through the lens of conventional wisdom, was officially out of control. I mean, mowing your grass is what you're supposed to do, right? Yes, indeed, grass is meant for mowing, and a yard must be kept neat and tidy to conform with the ideal of what a perfect lawn is supposed to be.
Our wild and unruly lawn

Tell that to a Meadowlark!

For here in our little three acre patch of paradise, a pair of Eastern Meadowlarks is actively building a nest. Unexpected guests to our unconventional lawn.

Female with a mouthful of nest material 
Leave it to the birds to remind us of the benefits of letting go. To remind us that wild and unruly could represent perfection. That conventional wisdom should be challenged now and then. And that the reward might be a bird with the sun on its breast and a song as sweet as the summer breeze.


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