Eastern Meadowlark Observations

From Homebase in Oak Harbor, OH, Kimberly Writes: If you haven't read my last post, please do. It explains how Eastern Meadowlarks came to nest in our "yard gone wild!"

They're shockingly close to the house, allowing for wonderful observations of behavior. They seem to be most active in the early morning hours, the female bringing nest material...

 ...while the male takes to a high perch some distance away to sing and chatter.

The nest is built on the ground, in areas with dense grass and other low cover, in a small depression in the soil. The nest is a domed structure with the entrance on the side, made of grass stems interwoven with surrounding growth. There are typically narrow trails or runways in the grass leading to the nest. The grass is tall enough that I can't see the actual nest site yet, but the female lands some distance away a
nd I can see the grass moving as she follows these trails to the general area!


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