Sky Watch Friday

From somewhere near Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Kenn and Kim write: We have much to share from our amazing experience at the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival last week. But for now, in celebration of Sky Watch Friday, we offer you this sizzling sunset over the marshes and mudflats of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.


  1. That is just waaaaaay too nice of a sunset!

  2. A beautiful picture. I already miss it. Thanks for making my first birding festival amazing!

  3. A stunning sunset, the colors are awesome as is the reflection.

  4. Awesome sunset! Can't wait to read more about your trip!

  5. Beautiful sunset with amazing colors - almost unreal


  6. Corey - It really was powerfully beautiful.

    Peter - I miss it too! And, I have to say that meeting you and Adam made this festival especially great for us!

    Eileen - If it weren't for the all the birds in the photo (mostly Dunlin) I would have trouble telling up from down. Just another reason birds are good to have around!

    Rob - We have done so much on this trip that it's going to take forever to get things posted. It's so hard to find time to fit everything in!

    Dan - I know what you mean. The moments just before the sun dipped below the horizon were so powerful that it felt unreal! The colors were beyond belief. Kenn and I stood there in silent awe with nothing but the sounds of shorebirds softly calling. It was one of those moments where I gave thanks for all of my senses and for being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

    Thanks for visiting our blog, everyone. It means a lot to us!

    Good birding to all of you ~ Kim

  7. That sunset looks sooo much prettier than the snow storm I'm watching right now...
    By the way, we LOVED Loxahatchee when we were there!

  8. I assume this is Texas(?)...would think that would be mentioned somewhere.

  9. Beautiful picture. I just love sunsets! Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. What a stunning sunset!! Deserves to be hanging on the wall!! ~karen

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Dave, Bianca, and Karen,

    Thanks for the comments about the photo. It was an amazing thing to behold!

    To Anonymous / Chops Buster:
    If my instincts are correct, then you must be the same "anonymous" who took Kenn to task for not identifying the squirrel in a recent post. We apologize for any inconvenience that our oversights may have caused you. However, while Kenn's raging lack of attention to detail in his post about the squirrel was obviously done in a blatant attempt to confuse everyone, in my post, I do, at least, mention that the photo was taken at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. But, you're right, of course, I should have pointed out that the refuge is in Florida.

    One thing I DO want to point out in this comment is the irony of someone with a name like yours objecting to us allowing some of the subjects of our photos to remain "anonymous." ; )

    At any rate, thanks for visiting the blog and keeping us on our toes. (The ones on our feet, which are at the ends of our legs, just beyond our ankles....)


  13. Way to go Kimmer! I guess these people have nothing better to do. Maybe they should learn Google? I always wondered what toes were.


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