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From Ohio's Winter Wonderland, Kim Writes: Kenn and I arrived back in Ohio around 2:00 this morning from our adventures in Florida. We had originally planned to stay an extra night and come home late this afternoon, but, the roads were clear and dry, our "rockin rental minivan" had satellite radio, and we were all hopped up on Girl Scout Cookies that we purchased from a pig-tailed entrepreneur, who had gotten permission to set up a stand at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge during Everglades Day. We stopped at this great farm market right at the entrance to the Refuge with the intention of buying all this great fresh fruit. BUT...we spotted the sad little face of "The Cookie Racketeer" and she made us an offer we couldn't refuse.
(Don't you think the Thin Mint should be declared our National Cookie?!)

We've got tons to tell you about the trip and the two events, Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival and Everglades Day at the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, that took us there in the first place. But first, I just had to share this exciting news with you...

If you know what a bird is. And you know what a blog is. Then you probably know all about Charlie, Mike, and Corey, and their blog, 10,000 Birds. But, what you might not know is that, in addition to all the great stuff they're already doing, they've created a very special opportunity for visitors to their blog to support conservation!

The Conservation Club is a brilliant concept. All it takes is $25 and you're a member, and 100% of your $25 goes to support a conservation organization selected by the 10,000 Birds crew. Yep! It's truly that simple. They make it easy to join too, with convenient online registration and payment options. I hope you'll consider joining!
Kenn and I were so impressed by this effort that we decided to donate THREE COMPLETE SETS of Kaufman Field Guides as incentive for people to join. The give-away starts today, so get on over there and check it out---if for no other reason than to see what they call Kenn in the announcement about the field guides... *giggling like a school girl!*

And, here's a little teaser for what we have to share with you about the Florida festivals and birds and manatees and snakes and birds and birds and birds....
A very personable Limpkin at the Viera Wetlands in Melbourne, Florida.
Viera Wetlands is on the map right now because of the Masked Duck that has been hanging out there. We did see it, and he was a handsome lad, for sure. But, how can you resist a Limpkin that's practically stepping on you toes and calling like a maniac?!

The bizarre, yet lovely, Roseate Spoonbill,
photographed at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
The spoonbills are coming into their full breeding plumage right now and they are the ugliest, yet most spectacularly beautiful, mixed-message in the bird world.

Okay, now get on over to 10,000 Birds and have a go at winning a set of the best field guides, EVER! : )

Thanks, everyone!


  1. Thanks!

    And I, for one, would kill for a thin mint right about now...

  2. Corey, Tell me where to send them, and I'll hook you up! The first ones are free... bwaahahaha ; )

  3. Thin mints are the best ever! I don't know how I lived without your blog. You'll be sick of me. HAHA, just kidding. Can you send me some snow? I miss it.

  4. Hey Peter! We will definitely NOT get sick of you! It's so fun to meet people who follow the blog.

    hmm...I remember hearing that, a few years ago, some crazy guy actually sold some snow on eBay. A lady from California bought it to give to her kids on Christams morning, so they could have a white Christmas. Too funny.

    I've lived in Ohio all my life, and I really like snow. Good thing, too, since we're getting more than our fair share this winter. We've got another storm supposedly on the way. So, maybe I'll have some extra to send you and Adam!

  5. Hmmm...conservation or thin mints...hmmm...

  6. Tell you what, Dave ~ If you join the Conservation Club, I'll send you a free box of Thin Mints!
    Oh, and you also have to let your beard grow back!

  7. I wanted to see if my picture of Cooper would come up. He's awesome! I wish I could grow my beard back! Kiawah doesn't allow it. Have fun in the snow!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Sorry if I confused you. Cooper is my Alaskan Malamute. I put his picture as the one next to my name. I can picture you guys going "What is he talking about?" Have a good one.


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