We're gonna fly with a little help from our friends...

Kim Kaufman's recipe for starting a young birders club: Start with a bowl of love for wild birds mixed equally with love for kids, add money --to your personal taste (*note, it always takes more than you think!), mix in two rounded spoonfuls of excitement, an entire box of energy (the extra large one!), add a healthy dollop of a trusting and believing board of directors (BOD)--(add the BOD all at once before they change their mind!), mix in six outstanding young people to guide you as you get started, pound in a big fat dose of stubbornness, and voila! Ohmygoodness, I almost forgot... Here are some key ingredients that help make a young birders club successful. Just add friends...

The Nutty Birder

Indiana Audubon Society

Susan Gets Native

Jim McCarty's Cleveland Plain Dealer Article

Queen City Young Birders Club

Jim McCormac's Blog

Janet Creamer's Blog

Midwest Birding Symposium

WildBird Magazine

Donald the Birder's Blog

and these are just a few! Thank you all for sharing your support, belief, and encouragement. This is the kind of thing that money just can't buy!



  1. Hey, nice use of Beatles references at the beginning and end of the post.

    But yes, I agree, we're blessed to have so many great people who are so willing to help advance the cause of encouraging and empowering young birders.

  2. As someone not so far out of being considered being a young birder (does 24 still count?) - I'm glad there are people working on this stuff. It's drastically important! I was in the Seattle Audubon Society's Birdwatch program in high school and now continue to volunteer to keep it going. It meant so much to me I can't seem to tear myself away!


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