Bathing (Bird) Beauties: Brown Thrasher

Here in northwest Ohio we've had an extended period of hot, dry weather. The super dry conditions are creating challenges for farmers and gardeners, and we've been carrying lots of water to the dozens of native plants we planted this spring.

Hot, dry conditions are tough on wildlife too. So, we've set up six different bird baths and they've all been very busy. Raccoons, Eastern Cottontails, and loads of birds have been using them every day. I love watching birds bathe and preen, so it's a bit of a bright side to the extreme weather.

Today, a Brown Thrasher stopped by for a dip in my favorite bird bath, given to me by Maureen, an elderly woman who I cared for for many years. It's probably at least 50 years old, and although it looks like it isn't clean, I assure you that it gets scoured and cleaned at least once a day, and sometimes twice a day! (It's so very important to keep bird baths and feeders clean!) What you see is the lovely patina that it's developed over all these years of well water and hosting bathing critters. I cherish it!

Here's a video of our bathing Thrasher! Watch as he's a bit tentative at first, but shifts into full-throttle bathing mode within a few seconds. I imagine a bath feels pretty darn good!


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