South Africa Trip, Day 19: Heading for Home

Kimberly Writes: We're carefully planning our last precious hours in South Africa. So with thoughts of home streaming in around the edges of a dream trip, we're going outside.
We're going outside to bask in the South African sun - 
like this Laughing Dove.

We're going to keep our eyes and ears open to the world 
of possibilities - like this tiny new elephant.
And we're going to enjoy being together -
like these lovely Blue Cranes.

I am deeply, powerfully, and immensely grateful to Kenn for planning a stunningly flawless trip for us. It has been absolute perfection every single day, and I will cherish the memories of the gift of this trip for the rest of my life.


  1. Who's the lucky girl? What an awesome adventure you two had.


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