Operation Migration: Kenn Soars with the Cranes

Standing beside my husband, my eyes have relished some of the most astounding things the planet has to offer. I have shed so many tears of joy in the face of the awe-inspiring gifts that nature presents to those who are aware and are looking.

Today, as this remarkable flight of birds, including birds of a different feather, passed overhead, for the first time in my life, I named the tears I shed. 

This morning, Kenn was given the extraordinary (perhaps even life-altering) opportunity to fly with the birds when we joined Operation Migration (OM) in Berlin, Wisconsin as they trained Whooping Crane colts to migrate following an ultralight aircraft. 

In this picture, Kenn is in the lower aircraft seated behind OM CEO and pilot Joe Duff.T

Yes, that's Kenn in the backseat of this odd "bird." And I watched them pass overheard, I shed tears for Kenn, as he so richly-deserved this life-altering opportunity. I shed tears for me, for being blessed enough to share my life with this man and to witness such things as this. I shed tears for the depths of dedication and devotion that the people of Operation Migration commit to these birds. And I shed tears for the loss that requires us to go to such extraordinary lengths to save these birds from disappearing altogether.

The natural world has become nothing more than an inconvenience to so many people. We've got to change that. We've got to continue to share these stories and inspire people to care. We've got to find ways to make it personal and lead people from an interest in birds to a commitment to bird conservation. The birds are worth the effort.


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