Those darn "kids"

From home base in Oak Harbor, Kim Writes: After receiving a flood of eMails asking where in the heck we had disappeared to, I thought I should give an update.

Kenn and I have been busy taking care of our kids.

Now, those of you who have kids know that they require a ridiculous amount of time and attention. Having one kid is like a full-time job and Kenn and I have three, an infant, an adolescent on the verge of adulthood, and one that's all grown up and facing some major changes!

CAUTION: I'm about to subject you to that thing that all proud parents do and show you pictures of our kids.

Here's the baby...
I know all parents say these things about their kids, but, isn't she just the most beautiful thing? We love her, but OMG...this child requires more work than we could have ever imagined! In spite of the fact that we've raised other kids, this one is a handful! Fortunately for us, she's also a very good baby in many ways and everyone loves her. We have people from all over Ohio pitching in to help raise her, and while there are still moments when Kenn and I would like to sell her to the gypsies, I think our baby is going to bring a lot of good to the world. She is so full of bubbly energy that we gave her her own website! Check it out: THE BABY

Our adolescent on the verge of adulthood...

This "kid" has brought incredible joy to our lives, but also requires a lot more attention than the average child. On top of that, "little BSBO" has experienced an astounding growth spurt in the last few years, and people who haven't seen us in a while are completely shocked when they see "little BSBO" now! We're so proud, and we know that "little BSBO" will continue to do really great things for the world. If you're curious about this growth spurt, take a look at these pictures and see what I mean: "little BSBO"

And finally, our "Big Boy." He's all grown up now and has done really well for himself. But, a year or so ago, he realized that it was time to make some major changes, and came running home to Daddy for help. Kenn has been helping him through a remarkable change and the new and improved version will really knock everyone's socks off!

So, there you have it. Our "kids" are great and we love them to pieces, but, whew... it takes a lot of love and dedication to keep up with them.


  1. We are looking forward to our visit to Ohio.

    Speaking of "the baby", what is the possibility of repeats of sold out programs?

    We are especially interested in the program Thirteen ways of Looking at a Sparrow.

    Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Kimberly,
    thanks for sharing the photos of your kids! I'd love to see the baby in person -- but guess I'll have to wait to hear your reports.

  3. Unky Loopy can't wait to visit with the baby! And visit with the other kids too!
    See you Saturday.

  4. Pretty funny! I haven't met all of your kids yet but love them already!! I can't wait to meet them very soon.. especially Advanced Birding!

  5. Hi Kenn & Kimberly;
    My name is Fred Walsh and like you I listed on the Nature Blog Network and was just check out my standing. Under birds, my blog (fredwalshphotos) was listed as 34 and then I notice the name Kaufman one spot ahead of me at 33rd. So I clicked on it and I'll be darned, here's THE MAN. I have two of your books, one on North American butterflies and one on North American birds and I use them a lot. I'm a new nature photographer and have only been at it four years but it sure is a good hobby for a retired person. My second hobby is music and like you, I'm a base player but also play some guitar, banjo and mandolin. I we ever meet up and have a jam, I'll try to stay away from the twangy country Kimberly. I might be going to Point Pelee, so possibly we might meet there.

    Fred Walsh

  6. This year we will book hotel rooms in the area, so we can stay 2 entire days enjoying the birds. Crane Creek is THE place to be in May!

  7. Kimberly,

    Your words made me smile and tear. I cannot wait until this Friday when my younger sis and best of friends will be heading to the boardwalk to view some of the most beautiful of creatures.

    Thanks to the Kaufman's. Keep it up.

    Sally Oates


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